La Rochelle

ma contribution pour le sketch de Rouge de Garance cette semaine (papier Fleur de Tiaré)


Mon interprétation du sketch de rouge de garance pour cette semaine


Martes Naranja


Une tasse de thé

ma contribution au challenge de rouge de garance


{21} challenge: day 14

(I used Rhonna inspiration's word and house of 3 papers)

Priorities. I concentrate on that now. To follow my path. To organize myself not to have constraints but to use my resources to be the best that I can.


{21} Challenge: Day 8

Wonderful words and inspiration. Makes me remember myself when I was a kid, plenty of energy, imagination developing and giving place to creativity, taking action.

click on the image to see it bigger


{21} Challenge: Day 3

I have the power. A step at a time. An interesting journey. Efficiently.