The {21} Challenge: Day one

Rhonna Farrer is starting a 21 Challenge. I think this is a great idea: to create new habits or to leave behind some of them. This has been one of my goals lately, so what a better opportunity! I have to organize myself (this is already a big Challenge...! and I have to start choosing just a "few" things I would like to change...so limiting myself to that is another Challenge....:) Third one will be to be more disciplined...(this is a big one!)

So, for day one :
To start with I decided to make a list..this ended been a HUGE one...so I tried to limit myself to 3, that is actually one: If I get more disciplined and learn to determine priorities I will be more organized...will I...?

(I used house of 3 kits to make this)


Rhonna Farrer said...

you can do it!!! so excited for you to join the journey!!!

Catalina said...

Thank you Rhonna! so exciting and yes other people doing the same is very encouraging!

Bonnie said...

you and I are on the same page! That is one of my goals too-prioritize and consistency! you can do it!!

Sharie said...

Enjoy the journey! Your goals are inspiring me. Have a good week!